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Marriage and February gardens have more in common than you think

By Alexandra Campbell February 1st, 2015

At this time of year, the commonest gardening phrase is ‘there’s nothing to look at in the garden’. But I have an elderly dog. I spend a lot of time looking into gardens while he minutely…

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Why hydrangeas are the 51st shade of grey….

By Alexandra Campbell January 25th, 2015

I’ve always suspected that I’m not supposed to like hydrangeas. A bit too much like the late Queen Mother’s hats for real chic. But, like Christian Grey and salt caramel chocolate, hydrangeas are irresistible –…

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How To Garden With A Bad Back – Even If You Can’t Put Your Socks On Without Screaming

By Alexandra Campbell January 18th, 2015

This is a very personal approach to gardening with a bad back. It’s not ground-breaking and may not work for everyone. And you may already know lots of better ways – which case, please do…

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Why Old Gardening Books Are The Secret Ingredient

By Alexandra Campbell January 11th, 2015

I’ve been having a clear-out of old gardening books. Or rather, I haven’t. I’ve been re-discovering what they have to offer. It seems a shame that gardening book reviews are for new books, because the…

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One ridiculously simple way of transforming your garden from average to enchanting

By Alexandra Campbell January 4th, 2015

As we cross the threshold of a new year, I thought about gates and doors. They’re often the first thing you see of a house or garden. A garden gate entices you in, setting the…

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Top 20 garden bests of 2014

By Alexandra Campbell December 28th, 2014

Before we make our final decisions on what to order from the catalogues for next year, I thought I’d do a personal Top 20 Bests of 2014: 1) Favourite snowdrops – Doddington Place Gardens, 2)…

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9 tips for great winter garden photographs even if you’ve only got a phone

By Alexandra Campbell December 21st, 2014

Getting a garden really ignited my love of photography, but I still don’t have much of a camera.  I mainly use my phone or (less often) a tiny Sony Cybershot. And I’ve found that winter garden photography is definitely…

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My favourite garden tool is…

By Alexandra Campbell December 14th, 2014

My favourite garden tool is my phone. There’s Twitter (best on the phone – you can indulge in a little light banter while stuck in the potting shed…). Then there’s Instagram, a photography phone app…

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