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What NOT to say in someone else’s garden….

By Alexandra Campbell July 6th, 2014

‘Oh, it’s so refreshing to see a garden that obviously hasn’t been designed,’ said a visitor to Emma Daniell’s garden. Emma took the remark as a compliment – it was clearly warmly meant. At least it wasn’t….. ‘Oh, I…

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Save time and money in the Middle-Sized Garden…

By Alexandra Campbell June 28th, 2014

As we middle-sizers are usually short of time, money or both, I thought I’d take you round the garden at mid-summer identifying the time and money-saving tips that have worked for me: 1) Keep mature…

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What makes a garden magical….?

By Alexandra Campbell June 23rd, 2014

‘The best gardens look as if the owner had died three weeks previously’, according to one garden expert. A tangle of weeds and brambles doesn’t flatter any garden, but a sense of shaggy – and…

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How evergreen shrubs are making a come-back….

By Alexandra Campbell June 17th, 2014

Apart from geometric box, yew and bay, I haven’t seen many evergreen shrubs featured in garden magazines or on show gardens for ages. So a visit to Architectural Plants in Sussex offered a refreshing new…

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Have you got enough poetry in your garden?

By Alexandra Campbell June 11th, 2014

I hadn’t thought about poetry in my garden until Sarah Salway told me about her new book ‘Digging up Paradise: Potatoes, People and Poetry in the Garden of England.’ Sarah is an author, poet, writing…

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One morning, three gardens, 20 ideas for blog posts: part 2

By Alexandra Campbell June 6th, 2014

Last week, I wrote about ten ideas for blog posts from one visit to Doddington Place Gardens. Garden designer Caroline Garland had been running out of inspiration on what to write about, so I was…

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20 Ideas for Garden Blog Posts in One Morning – Part 1

By Alexandra Campbell May 26th, 2014

Garden designer, Caroline Garland, has a blog called The New Vintage Garden.’But I’m having trouble coming up with ideas for things to write about,’ she said. So I showed her how she could come up…

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The Lazy Gardener’s Guide to Summer Colour

By Alexandra Campbell May 17th, 2014

Like most middle-sizers, I always have a bit more garden than I have time or money. I can ‘do’ one bed a year and the other two have to muddle along the best they can….

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