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How to party in the middle-sized garden

By Alexandra Campbell September 12th, 2014

The season for partying in the garden may be over. But as you plan next year’s planting, are you going to be needing flowers for a party? In middle-sized gardens, growing a cutting patch for…

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What do you do in the middle of a garden?

By Alexandra Campbell August 25th, 2014

Sometimes people Google to find out what to do with the middle of their garden. A presumably baffled Google directs them here. So I asked garden designer, Ana Sanchez-Martin of Germinate garden designers for her…

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10 ways of bringing the beach back to your garden

By Alexandra Campbell August 10th, 2014

The words ‘seaside’ and ‘garden’ are a bit of a contradiction in terms. But at this time of year, we’d all like a bit more beach in our back yard. August is not the best…

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My top 7 gardening hacks

By Alexandra Campbell July 27th, 2014

A ‘hack’ is a low-budget tip or trick. It may be cheat or a workaround. It’s often about money-saving – because you use something you already have, instead of going out to shop. Or it’s…

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What NOT to say in someone else’s garden….

By Alexandra Campbell July 6th, 2014

‘Oh, it’s so refreshing to see a garden that obviously hasn’t been designed,’ said a visitor to Emma Daniell’s garden. Emma took the remark as a compliment – it was clearly warmly meant. At least it wasn’t….. ‘Oh, I…

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Save time and money in the Middle-Sized Garden…

By Alexandra Campbell June 28th, 2014

As we middle-sizers are usually short of time, money or both, I thought I’d take you round the garden at mid-summer identifying the time and money-saving tips that have worked for me: 1) Keep mature…

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What makes a garden magical….?

By Alexandra Campbell June 23rd, 2014

‘The best gardens look as if the owner had died three weeks previously’, according to one garden expert. A tangle of weeds and brambles doesn’t flatter any garden, but a sense of shaggy – and…

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How evergreen shrubs are making a come-back….

By Alexandra Campbell June 17th, 2014

Apart from geometric box, yew and bay, I haven’t seen many evergreen shrubs featured in garden magazines or on show gardens for ages. So a visit to Architectural Plants in Sussex offered a refreshing new…

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