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How to save money by making glorious Christmas decorations from your garden

By Alexandra Campbell November 23rd, 2014

If your garden is looking as brown and muddy as mine, then you might not think of it for Christmas decorations. But Julies Davies of Julie Davies Flower Workshops has just run a workshop here to show…

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What The Experts Didn’t Tell You About Layering Bulbs

By Alexandra Campbell November 16th, 2014

Now that the bulb sales are in full swing, the middle-sized wallet can start thinking about funding a bulb lasagne. Layering bulbs in pots was everywhere last year. You half-fill a garden pot, then plant…

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The 6 secrets of transforming your garden with paint colour

By Alexandra Campbell November 9th, 2014

My garden furniture is a mish-mash of hand-me-downs and junk shop finds. So how to avoid looking like a middle-sized muddle? After looking round friends’ gardens and going on garden visits, I realised that garden…

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Why blog about your garden?

By Alexandra Campbell November 2nd, 2014

There are lots of reasons why blogging is good for your garden – or your business. But blogging takes time and effort, and it may not work. Check out these reasons why blogging works, and…

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Could your middle-sized garden win a Gold Wildlife Award?

By Alexandra Campbell October 26th, 2014

I’ve always thought that awards were for grand gardens or parks. But when I visited artist Frances Beaumont’s garden – which measures around 30ft x 80ft – she showed me her Kent Wildlife Trust Gold…

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How to have privacy AND light in your garden

By Alexandra Campbell October 11th, 2014

The middle-sized garden often struggles with a contradiction. We want privacy and light. Trees mask ugly views, and stop neighbours peering in. But they also shade your garden. When garden renovation expert Posy Gentles told…

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Genghis Khan’s Guide to Garden Excellence…and why bloggers need to read it

By Alexandra Campbell October 3rd, 2014

A good headline is a blogger’s secret weapon – it can increase hits on your blog by over 100%. As well as writing a garden blog, I also teach blogging to gardeners, writers, artists and…

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8 really simple, cheap ways of transforming your shed…

By Alexandra Campbell September 23rd, 2014

I’ve pored over shed brochures and websites. I’ve watched sheds on TV. I try not to brake dangerously when driving past shed companies.  Anyone with a middle-sized garden will always have at least one shed….

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