7 ways to make labelling easy

May 9th, 2015 Posted In: Uncategorized

You always think you’ll remember what you planted where. At least, you probably know all about labels, but it’s taken me a few years to understand that, firstly, all plants (even the ones you know you’ll remember) need labelling and, secondly, not all labels are the same. It is hugely frustrating to find that the sun and the weather has worn away all your patiently scribbled ‘carrots 12/4’ labels.

This year I’m trying an idea from another blogger LostThePlot235. All those bits of broken slate tile that have been blown off the roof in this year’s gales will have another life. I’m going to paint the names of the plants I grow most often on them: carrots, beetroot, kale, salad and potatoes.

Tomatoes and Chrysanthemum story.

3 comments on "7 ways to make labelling easy"

  1. Matt says:

    Nice idea, and vital to keep labels and notes. It in the middle of winter when all clumps look the same that labels really matter. Another option, and a firm favorite in the professional world are aluminium labels, made by Alitags. Use pencil to mark them, and they will remain legible for decades – not fibbing. They can be cleaned for re-use with soft sand paper.

    1. I will definitely get some!

  2. Andrea N says:

    What a great idea….I’ve got some liquid chalk pens so I shall give that a try. I know a source for broken slate roof tiles too as my friend was complaining of a pile of them.

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