if your garden is bigger than a courtyard, but smaller than an acre

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Do you have a middle-sized garden? Does it reflect your personal style? Is it a place where you can relax?

Or where you love to spend time with friends and family or grow your own fruit and vegetables?

Perhaps you’re looking for design inspiration or plants that won’t die on you. Maybe you’re worried about garden privacy, shady spaces or pests that munch your plants?

The Middlesized Garden blog can help you

A middle-sized garden is one that feels too big when you’re weeding it.

But it’s definitely too small when you want to add a greenhouse, shed, eating area or even just another enticing plant.

If you’ve just got your own longed-for patch of outside space, you may be wondering what to do with it. Dig it all up or carry on maintaining a garden that was created by someone else? See our guide to the basics of gardening.

But while you’re deciding, a garden grows and grows – especially the weeds.

Fifteen years ago, I moved into a walled English town garden that measures 100ftx80ft (at its widest).

I knew nothing about gardening, but I’d been a journalist all my life. And I’d written for some of the most famous newspapers and magazines in Britain – Good Housekeeping, Harpers & Queen, The Times, the Daily Telegraph and many more.

It was my job to find experts and filter information. And to extract the elements that were important to my reader. I found out what really mattered to them and delivered information which could be used easily.

So I took those skills and applied them to my middle-sized English garden. I talked to top gardeners, read the best gardening books and went on inspiring workshops.

Everything has to pass the middle-sized garden test

How easy is each gardening job to do? And how long does it take? Will it make the garden look good? Is it affordable and realistic? Can you fit this into a family garden or a busy life?

So here you can find out about brilliant easy-care plants, the best small garden trees for privacy, how to revamp your garden and inspiration on colours to paint your shed.

Plus lots more about garden tools, wildlife-friendly town gardens, mini-meadows and beautiful garden pots.

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Middlesized Garden hoodie

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I’ve also pulled together lists of my favourite gardening tools, books and other products on The Middlesized Garden Amazon storefront. It’s a quick and convenient way of finding out my recommendations. I’m an Amazon affiliate, which means I may get a small fee if you buy through it. See disclosure.

The Middlesized Garden has now become a full-time job for me (and more!). It takes time to research, photograph, film and interview a new blog post and video every week. And success means it costs more to run the blog. My hosting package, for example, now has to support over half a million page views a month. So it costs much more than it did when the blog was small. And, although I started editing with free iMovie, I now need to use professional editing tools when editing film or photographs. And there’s more…scheduling tools, a phone with a really good camera and other equipment.

But it’s important to me that you can access information and inspiration without having to pay. Affiliate links, advertising and merchandise make that possible. If you like the products or want to support the blog and YouTube channel, then thank you!

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The Middlesized Garden blog is where you’ll find all that useful information and inspiration.

And above all, I’ve discovered that the gardening world is a community. People share their knowledge generously and delight in discovering new things.

So please join us – whether you’re looking for easy ways of fitting gardening into your life or you want to up your gardening game and take it to the next level.

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