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I’m Alexandra Campbell, an author, journalist and blogger. I coach writers. I also teach blogging and writing, in workshops or one-to-one. And I love gardening.

Alexandra Campbell, author, blogger, writing coach

Photograph by Richard Torble.

I wrote my first published article on my father’s ancient vintage typewriter. It was a finalist in the Catherine Pakenham Award. I’ve been a writer ever since, working or writing for titles such as Good Housekeeping, Harpers & Queen, the Times Magazine, The Daily Telegraph and lots more.

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I’ve written nine novels, published by Penguin and Little Brown. If you enjoy reading psychological dramas, then do try Sisters in Law,  my novel about three sisters-in-law who compete with each other, but don’t realise that the real threat is someone quite different. Lovers & Liars is about the little lies that everyone tells, which are so often the start of something more serious.

The Empty Nesters uncovers the destabilising effect of your children leaving home. And The Inheritance shows how you never really know your family until there is something to fight over. These are affiliate links, so if you buy through them, I may get a small fee.

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And I’ve co-authored 10 non-fiction books,  (with stylist Liz Bauwens,designers Nina Campbell and Kelly Hoppen and entrepreneur Anita Roddick.) The most recent is Upcycled Chic & Modern Hacks, which shows you how to make second-hand and modern furniture looks chic and unique.

If you love rootling through junk shops, car boot fairs and markets, then Fleamarket Chic, also co-authored with Liz Bauwens and Simon Brown, will show you thrifty ways of creating a stylish home.

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Middle-sized gardens have particular needs. The lawn is not quite big enough for a ride-on mower. But it does take over an hour to mow. You may have room for a shed or a greenhouse, but not both. And re-stocking a border can be an expensive business.

Why the Middlesized Garden

Photograph by Lisa Valder.

Going round an inspiring garden is one of my favourite weekend activities. But great gardens have the space to be experimental or to have ‘swathes’ of things. Grand gardens have vistas – check out the ‘vistas’ at Highgrove if you ever get a chance. Every time you look up your eye is drawn to topiarised hole cut in a hedge, a statue, a plinth or a view.

But a middle-sized garden doesn’t usually have a drive. Vistas and views tend to be of next door’s garage.

A middle-sized garden can be expensive and time-consuming. You need more manure, plants and hands-on help than you do in tiny courtyard gardens, but you’re still limited on space. I’m not the sort of person who can make my own poly-tunnel from discarded plastic packaging. My money-saving tips need to be easier than that.

So I started this blog to share tips and inspiration on how to create a gorgeous garden, while saving time and money. I also try to follow environmentally-conscious and wild-life friendly gardening policies, although I usually crack when it comes to lily-beetle.

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The Middlesized Garden doesn’t take guest posts, infographics or link exchanges, but we welcome approaches from companies interested in working with us in other creative ways. See the Work with Us page here.

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I’m available for freelance writing assignments.

Or find me talking about gardening for People’s Friend magazine:

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Look out for my features on gardening for People’s Friend.

And if you need help blogging or writing

I’ve held blogging workshops for jewellery designers at the Oxo Tower, advised barristers on blogging and social media, run ‘how to write a press release’ workshops at The Beaney Museum in Canterbury and taught blogging round kitchen tables. I teach blogging to authors, journalists and designers on sofas and blogging for business success in properly equipped seminar rooms for VisitKent members.



Contact me if you’re looking for help, on Alexandra@themiddlesizedgarden.co.uk