Are gardening Black Friday deals worth it?

November 23rd, 2016 Posted In: Shop

I hadn’t realised there were gardening Black Friday deals. I’ve been vaguely aware of Black Friday as a day when tech and gadgetry gets marked down.

But I noticed that ‘Garden & Outdoors’ is featuring in Amazon’s Black Friday deal emails.

For those who don’t know what Black Friday is, it’s a day when prices are slashed significantly. Technically Black Friday is the 25th November, but the prices have already been reduced on Amazon, and some other stores. They’ll remain low over the weekend, too.

So is it a good time to re-stock your tool shed or make that expensive one-off investment?

Gardening gloves and secateurs

Time to get some good bargains in gloves or secateurs?

I have picked out the Black Friday gardening deals for products I use. I’m featuring products I’ve personally found good. Or I’ve checked each product’s Amazon review results. All the products featured below have an exceptionally high number of positive reviews.

Are gardening Black Friday deals really cheaper?

So I know they’re good products, but what about the prices? Are you really getting a good deal or could you get the same item at the same price – or even less – elsewhere?

I’ve checked other online store prices for each item. I can’t pretend to have found every single retailer’s price, but I’ve a good idea whether the Black Friday prices below are good value or not.

After all this hunting around, I did find some good bargains, the best of which are below.

There were also categories where I couldn’t see bargains (which doesn’t mean they don’t exist…).I don’t think Black Friday is an especially good time to buy a shed off Amazon, for example, unless you want a plastic one, which is where most of the shed deals were.

Garden furniture

I couldn’t find many good Black Friday money-off deals on garden furniture online either, but it may be worth visiting your local garden shops, as it’s the end of the season.

The garden furniture deals were disappointing, too, with just £10-£20 off large value items like garden furniture sets.

But I reckon the deals are good on several other things, and I’ve picked out my favourites below.

A few things you might like to know

As I’m an Amazon associate, I may receive a small fee if you buy via these links, but this won’t affect the price you pay.

And speaking of prices, these often change from day to day. You’ll need to click the link to find out exactly what price is being quoted at this moment.

Delivery makes a difference, too. I’ve checked what the products below would cost from their manufacturers. Sometimes the price is not too different from the Amazon Black Friday price, but the difference could be in the cost of delivery. If you’re a member of Amazon Prime, there’s free delivery on many items.

You also get TV and movie downloads included in your Amazon Prime membership, as well as photo storage options. If you’d like to know more, click here.


Peckish Complete All Seasons 12.75kg

I've tried a number of bird seed products from the Peckish bird food range, and I like them. Or rather the birds in our garden really like them. Reviews on Amazon and other sites confirm that Peckish is popular with wild birds, and is clearly a good quality bird seed. The Black Friday price on Amazon at the time I checked is £14.89 for 12.75kg. I checked with other online retailers and found it at that price elsewhere, but I didn't find any that was cheaper.

Whitefurze G25LG1 Leaf Grabber Set - Forest Green (Set of 2)

We've got a pair of these leaf grabbers and they really are useful. Rake your leaves into a heap, then use the grabbers to scoop them into a bag. These are very well reviewed on Amazon. They're £6.99, but I saw some similar leaf grabbers at Tesco for £1 cheaper. Still, ours have lasted for 15 years, so maybe an extra pound doesn't matter too much.

Felco FEL8 Model 8 Classic Secateurs

I love my Felco secateurs and they are exceptionally hard-wearing. If they do go wrong, you can have them re-furbished, so they are excellent buy. That's confirmed by hundreds of positive reviews for this model on Amazon. I checked several other websites, most of which showed the Felco 8 as costing more than the Black Friday price on Amazon. But you can get them for around the same price direct from Felco, so the difference will be in whether you're paying for postage.

The Christmas Workshop 100 LED String Lights, Warm White

£8.69 for this string of LED Christmas lights is a good price. Other retailers started at £9.99. With 35 reviews averaging 4.3*, these lights are popular, with comments about their attractive 'soft' warm white light.

All Seasons Gazebos , 3x3m (10ft x 10ft) Heavy Duty, Full Waterproof , PVC Coated Premium Pop Up Instant Gazebo (Beige)

A friend has one of these AllSeasons pop-up gazebos, and she swears by it. It's proved very sturdy throughout the summer, travelling happily from England to France and back again. The Amazon Black Friday price is £90 off the Amazon price, but you can also find it for £124.99 from AllSeasons Gazebos themselves. Still a very worthwhile purchase.

Rosle 50 cm/20-Inch Kettle Grill - Black

This is the barbecue with the most positive reviews on Amazon. I couldn't find it any cheaper anywhere else - indeed the only other retailer I could find was stocking it at well over £200. I haven't personally tried this, but the reviews say it's a good solid bbq, easy to put together and rust-free.

Rose Pruning Gloves for Men and Women. Thorn Proof Goatskin Leather Gardening Gloves with Long Cowhide Gauntlet to Protect Your Arms Until the Elbow (Large, Brown)

We loved our thornproof goatskin rose pruning gloves, and, at £20.01 (reduced from £39), these do seem to be cheaper than similar gloves elsewhere, even on eBay where they were around £24.

Fallen Fruits Composter - Cream

I rather loved this composter, and it's not widely available in Britain. I couldn't find it except on Amazon (or through Fallen Fruits' Trade Only site). It's a £79 saving. It was the nicest of the wooden beehive composters I found online, although there are cheaper models from other brands which I didn't think were as good-looking.

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