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Sunny spot for veg

Growing veg – the 8 mistakes you can easily avoid

How to grow veg successfully by avoiding the common ‘beginner mistakes’. If your veg harvests are often disappointing, read this.

March 29th, 2020

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Growing cut flowers at Country Lane Flowers in Kent

How to make money from your garden – growing cut flowers

Sue Oriel has started a business growing cut flowers to sell from her garden. It’s called Country Lane Flowers, which she runs with her friend and neighbour Stephanie Bates. And…

September 15th, 2019

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How to make comfrey or nettle tea for homemade fertilisers

5 homemade fertilisers that will make your garden grow

Here are five effective – but easy – homemade fertilisers for your garden from the organic Abbey Physic Community Garden in Faversham. Comfrey or nettle tea, made in a water butt Concentrated…

July 28th, 2019

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6 inspiring city garden ideas from London

A city garden is a breath of fresh air in a crowded environment. You can create a patch of green can be created in the most surprising places. I visited three…

May 26th, 2019

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Where is the best place for the vegetable garden?

If you want a vegetable garden, but don’t have space for it, here are lots of ideas from vertical veg gardens to pride-of-place vegetable borders in the middle of the lawn. Pots, roof gardens and more.

February 10th, 2019

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Edible daylilies and more exciting plants you can eat from Incredible Edibles by Matthew Biggs

Daylilies are edible – how to eat from your flowerbed

‘Daylilies are edible’ I said to our guests. ‘So we’re going to dig some up this weekend and eat them.’ Everyone was very positive (although they may have been secretly…

April 8th, 2018

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Natural dye from your garden – beautiful, creative and easy

Yasmin Hossain makes natural dye from garden plants. She uses it to dye beautiful silk and wool fabrics. These are made into throws, blankets, scarves and other accessories, available online…

January 14th, 2018

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Homegrown and home-dried chillies

How to dry chillies – 3 easy ways

I’ve just learned how to dry chillies Italian-style. If you stroll round the ancient hilltop towns of southern Italy in October, you will see strings of chillies drying everywhere. We’re…

October 22nd, 2017

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How to plant a mini orchard for a small garden

An orchard in the garden? You really do have the space!

‘Laura has an orchard in the garden,’ said my friend, Rosie, over a gin-and-tonic. Firstly, Laura and Rosie live in the same street in the market town of Faversham. The…

September 10th, 2017

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How to grow food in a small urban garden

How much food can you grow in a small urban garden?

Could you double or treble the amount of food you grow in your small urban garden? I visited a garden recently which packs layers of fruit, vegetables and herbs into…

March 12th, 2017

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Grow-your-own courgette growing tips

Growing courgettes – my ‘aha!’ moment…

I watered my growing courgettes, along with the rest of the garden, before going to Spain for four days. I was really surprised by the courgettes when I got back….

September 18th, 2016

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Kale, salad and edible flowers harvested in April

Easy veg growing for year-round success

Have you been just slightly disappointed by your home-grown fruit and veg? In the last two summers, I’ve grown celeriac with no roots, blighted tomatoes, stunted sweetcorn and lettuces that…

April 10th, 2016

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