if your garden is bigger than a courtyard, but smaller than an acre

Disclosure Policy

Links to Amazon are affiliate, which means I may get a small fee if you buy, but it won’t affect the price you pay.

Other links on the Middlesized Garden are not affiliate.

I only write about products that I use myself and believe you will love.

Sometimes I buy them, after researching them first. Sometimes they are gifts from friends or family. Or they may be sent free by companies for me to review. I’ll always tell you which is which.

There are lists of my favourite garden tools, books and products on The Middlesized Garden Amazon storefront.

I only accept products for review if I believe they’re good.

However, I can’t guarantee a review because I don’t review any product that is disappointing. If I review a product which I think is good for some people but not for others, I’ll say why I think that.

But if a product is generally not right for ‘Middle-sized’ garden-lovers, I won’t review it.

The Middlesized Garden doesn’t accept sponsorship for posts

‘Sponsored’ or ‘collaborative’ posts are paid-for posts.

There are a few older sponsored posts on the blog. I always wrote a short paragraph about the sponsorship early on in the post, so it was clear the company had paid me. I never wrote a sponsored post unless I believed that the company product and advice was excellent.

The Middlesized Garden doesn’t accept sponsored posts, guest posts, infographics or link exchanges.

The Middlesized Garden also doesn’t accept ‘anchor text’ links. These are when a company pays to have their brand linked to a general term, such as ‘garden furniture’ or ‘garden tools’. When you click on the highlighted term, the link goes through to the paying company. This is against Google guidelines and Advertising Standard Authority rules.

I may work with companies in other ways, but I’ll always be clear with you if I am writing about a company that has paid me in any way. You’ll find the information at or near the beginning of the post or video.

Why I have affiliate sales, merchandise and ads…

The Middlesized Garden started out as a project I could do in my spare time. But it has grown so much that it is a full-time job. It takes time to research, interview, film, photograph, write and fact-check a new blog post and video each week.

And success mean that costs are higher. My web hosting package, for example, sometimes has to support over half a million page views a month. This makes it much more expensive than it was when the blog was small. And there are other costs, such as buying equipment or having professional editing tools.

It’s important to me that you can access the information and inspiration without having to pay. Affiliate sales, merchandise and advertising seem to be the fairest way of doing that. So if you like the products or want to support the blog and YouTube channel, thank you so much!

The Middlesized Garden mug, t-shirt and organic cotton tote bag are available on the Middlesized Garden Spring store.

The Middlesized Garden complies with….

The Middlesized Garden complies with all Advertising Standards Authority and Google guidelines on disclosure.

If you work for a media agency and you email me with a suggestion that contravenes ASA rules or Google guidelines, I will delete it without replying.