Genghis Khan’s Guide to Garden Excellence…and why bloggers need to read it

October 3rd, 2014 Posted In: Writing & blogging help

A good headline is a blogger’s secret weapon – it can increase hits on your blog by over 100%.

And you also need a good headline for your emails, press releases – and if you are writing a book.

As well as writing a garden blog, I also teach writing and blogging to creatives, entrepreneurs and small businesses.

So when I find a good piece of advice to help writers, I try it out, and report back here.

The Blog Title Generator – the 10 Best Free Tools lists quick, easy (and free) ways to generate great blog-post headlines.

Garden compost

A good headline is like adding compost to your garden – you’ll get much better results

I tried out all the sites on the list, using the key-word ‘garden.’

My favourite headline generated was the Genghis Khan one from Tweak Your Biz Title Generator – hence the title of this piece. I love the idea of Genghis Khan taking a break from all that rape, pillage and empire-building to dead-head his roses. Here’s my pick of the three best headline generators from the list.

5 Secrets About Gardens the Government Is Hiding

This headline came from the Portents Content Idea Generator. It’s a very easy site to use – just type in the word ‘garden’ (or whatever key word you are writing about) and it generates a headline.

It also has a helpful explanation as to why that headline works. Among its many excellent headlines, I particularly liked ‘6 Reasons Why Gardens are More Refreshing Than New Socks’, which also tempted me greatly.

Government secrets garden

How many Government secrets are lurking in your undergrowth? Photograph by Peter Garland.

Why We Love Middle-Sized (And You Should, Too)

This was my favourite headline suggestion from Hubspot Blog Topic Generator.

Hubspot asks you for three key words, so I put ‘middle-sized’ in as well as ‘garden’ and ‘gardeners’. I also liked its suggestion of  ‘7 Things About Gardeners Your Boss Wants To Know’, which I’d love to write….any suggestions anyone?

Middle-sized garden

It’s much easier to find a picture you can tie into the headline ‘Why We Love Middle-Sized (and You Should Too)’

5 Things You Can Learn From Zombies About Gardens

This was generated by Tweak Your Biz Title Generator, who also suggested that we might learn 5 things about gardens from Buddhist monks or The Pentagon.

As a journalist, I wish you well of the interviews that would be involved in writing any of these posts, but they are certainly eye-catching titles. Tweak Your Biz generated more headline suggestions than any other site.

Zombies Gardening

If you write a blog post titled ‘5 Things Zombies (or the Pentagon) Can Teach You About Gardening’, you may have trouble finding a suitable image and writing the caption – although this photo of my alliums is somewhat other-worldly.

3 Reasons Why Having An Excellent Headline Is Not Enough

I originally generated this title for ‘garden’ from Tweak Your Biz (‘3 Reasons Why Having An Excellent Garden Is Not Enough), but adapted it for the keyword ‘headline’.

1) Once you’ve got the brilliant headline, you’ve got to write the post (it’ll be easier to write the post first, then type the keyword/s into the title generators.)

2) Even more importantly – especially if you’re writing a lifestyle blog – you have to use images. Not all headlines are easy to illustrate. You’ll see that I have struggled to tie my own photographs to these headlines. But if you use stock photos (or infographics), there’s bound to be something out there.

3) It could all end up a bit same-y. I returned to the title generator sites again, to see how many different ideas they generated. The same title suggestions came up several times over, even after just two visits.  I have a suspicion that you might find yourself using the same titles again and again – but if they attract readers, maybe that doesn’t matter.

However, blog title generators are a fantastic tool for a blogger. And’ The Blog Title Generator – the 10 Best Free Tools’, written by the US marketing specialists The DSM Group, was excellent – well worth adding to your blogging toolbox.

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