The 14 best things about November

November 1st, 2015 Posted In: Garden style & living

There are lots of reasons for garden-lovers to love November.

The best rich red leaves in fall

Autumn colour and the last of the dahlias

Autumn leaves

Autumn leaves

Hydrangeas will dry in the vase and last all winter

Flower arrangements with hydrangeas. Cut them from the garden, and they’ll gradually dry in the vase. I find they last all winter, and are fine with different fresh flowers.

Candles and dahlias make fall beautiful

There’s an excuse for lighting candles

Fall flower arranging

Vibrant orange and red. You can buy gourds for decoration and there are still dahlias and chrysanthemums in the garden (until the first frosts)

Make crab apple jelly in November

Making crab apple jelly – crab apples remain on the trees later than ordinary apples. Leave some for the birds

You don't need to mow the lawn

You don’t have to mow the lawn for at least another four months! Mr Middlesize is very happy about that.

Start planning Christmas presents like this pot stand from Miafleur home and garden accessories

You can start thinking about pretty things to buy people for Christmas, like this plant stand from Miafleur. They have delightful vintage and French-style garden accessories. This particular stand may not still be available but it gives a flavour of what they stock.

Freeze holly berries for decorations

It’s time to snip the berries you need for Christmas off the holly bush and freeze them. By December, they’ll have mainly gone to the birds. But don’t take more than you need – some mistle thrush has been looking after the bush all summer and needs the berries for his winter food.

Planning your next year's garden - here is Fergus Garrett's garden plan for Great Dixter. He gardens throughout the year, dividing jobs into 'inside' and 'outside' and colour coding them so everyone knows what to do.

Planning your next year’s garden – here is Fergus Garrett’s garden plan for Great Dixter. He divides jobs into ‘inside’ and ‘outside’ and colour coding them so everyone knows what to do. The main panic in November is protecting plants from frost, but when things are quiet, the team get on with clipping hedges, which can be done any time between August and December.

Plant tulips in November

Planting tulips. You can plant all through November – still plenty of time!

It's time to light the fire..

It’s time to light the fire…

Relax on the sofa

And you can relax on the sofa without feeling guilty! Mr Middlesize and Benji enjoy a winter nap.

Once I started thinking about the best things about this time of year, I almost couldn’t stop – this was supposed to be a ‘top 10’. Let me know what you enjoy about the season, and do share this using the buttons below. Thank you.

12 comments on "The 14 best things about November"

  1. Pauline says:

    Just discovered your blog through Instagram, love it! I don’t like November, but it has been so warm (and still is), it feels like September, which I like much more ;-)

    1. Delighted to hear you’ve found it through Instagram – I often wonder whether anyone ever ‘checks the link in the profile!’ and thanks for getting in touch.

  2. Terry Tyler says:

    I loved looking at these! I’m a big fan of November :)

    1. Thank you. I think November is so beautiful when it’s at its best.

  3. Jan Pancheri says:

    Also enjoy eating home-grown chard (the yellow stemmed ones are fantastic to look at as well), seeing squirrels helping themselves to crab apples and eating them on a branch, spider webs in hedges covered in dew, mulching beds with home made compost ready for bulbs and generally having a lovely big tidy-up ready for the sparse beauty of winter. (Good idea about freezing holly berries.)

    1. Spiders’ webs with dew – so lovely, and so terribly difficult to photograph, at least for me as I only have a camera-phone rather than a ‘proper’ camera. But I am thinking of investing in a decent camera just for those sorts of shots you can’t get with phones.

  4. freezing berries? really? never thought of that. great list, i tend to dread november, but will enter with a more positive spirit now!

    1. There are so many useful things you can do with your freezer apart from put food in it – I keep all my sweaters in it during the winter…

  5. Matt says:

    “It’s time to light the fire.” That’s definitely in my list too :)

    1. Lighting the fire is such a treat – I regard it as a special challenge to manage without firelighters.

  6. Jazzygal says:

    Such lovely photos and colours. That’s what I like best about Autumn…the sea of warm colours. I saw a lovely flower arrangement in a hotel recently: some nice flowers (am hopeless on flower names!) encircled with russet coloured fallen leaves. Gorgeous.

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