What I wish I’d known….

March 13th, 2014 Posted In: Uncategorized

It’s often the little things that make a big difference. When we re-vamped our garden, we project-managed it ourselves and sometimes I didn’t know enough to ask the right questions. Take the garden path. We went to great effort to choose an attractive natural stone, but when the landscapers asked me if I wanted cement pointing between the flagstones, I only thought of saving on weeding and said ‘yes.’ Without giving it any further thought.

old stone path

Old stone path with ‘natural’ (ie no) pointing

Dear Mr Middle-Size said we should just have sand and earth between the paving stones, but he’s not usually interested in gardens, so I ignored his advice.  Well, I was wrong and he was right. With natural material between the flagstones, our new paths would look less like airport runways and more like part of the garden. It has taken me about three years to work out what went wrong. Then I looked at the front path (see above) and saw how much more natural it looked than the back garden path (see below). I am now very tempted to call in the landscapers and ask them to scrape out the cement….what do you think? A waste of money or ‘it will make all the difference?’

new stone path

New stone path with cement pointing

3 comments on "What I wish I’d known…."

  1. Miranda alexander says:

    What about cracking a few random planting holes (hmm mr middle could do? ) and planting some alchemilla or similar in the gaps. That would break it up a bit. Also, you could encourage moss along the cracks with bait of yogurt and tomato fertiliser.

  2. Sally Jones says:

    Both paths look fine. Once my attention was drawn to the difference between them, I very marginally preferred the front path as I like old-fashioned- looking cottage gardens but I don’t think most people would reel away in horror from a subtle spot of grouting – and the entire garden is gorgeous.

    1. Looking at it again, I think perhaps the cement grouting would suit a more modern garden, but with my style being more ‘shaggy old English’ then sand would have been better.

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