What the mild weather is doing to your garden…& what you should do about it

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As we are experiencing the mildest winter since records began, I asked the RHS whether there was any impact on the garden. Do we need to be taking precautions? Is there anything to worry about?

Wrap Christmas presents and mow the lawn

Wrapping Christmas presents and mowing the lawn isn’t an ideal combination….

Carry on mowing the lawn, says Guy Barter of the RHS. ‘Otherwise, the mild weather is an opportunity not a problem. You don’t have to get too wrapped up to work in the garden, so it’s easier to get on with all the normal pruning of fruit trees, renovating hedges, planting shrubs and trees and mending fences.’ (literally or metaphorically…?). Anyone who thought they could put the mower away will be disappointed, but there’s no need to feed, spike or scarify the lawn. These last three are best left till spring.

Christmas market, Faversham, England.

Faversham Christmas market….I thought you’d rather have Christmassy pix instead of lawn mowing pix…

The wet, mild weather will mean that you’ll have alot more moss in your lawn, he says, ‘but February is the best time to deal with that.'(Although I have raked some off to use in my Christmas planters.)

Having officially established that there is Nothing To Worry About in the garden, I hope you have a very merry Christmas, and (as the Christmas cards of my childhood used to say) ‘a prosperous New Year.’

Dream of next year's garden...

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4 comments on "What the mild weather is doing to your garden…& what you should do about it"

  1. rusty duck says:

    It has been an odd start to winter for sure. I’m wondering what will happen to the seeds I’m trying to germinate that need the cold of winter to break their dormancy. Perhaps I’d better put them all in the fridge! But maybe the New Year will bring something a little more seasonal.
    Merry Christmas Alexandra.

    1. Yes, I do wonder how things we can’t put in the fridge, like fruit trees will survive this extra-ordinarily mild but incredibly damp winter. Happy New Year and happy blogging, Jessica

  2. Fiona bashford says:

    Merry Christmas!

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