Win a handmade Oak & Rope Seed Packet Tidy worth £65!

April 27th, 2017 Posted In: Prize draws & competitions

I’ve been given an oak ‘Seed Packet Tidy’ by The Oak & Rope Company.

And I liked it so much I asked the company to give you one, too.

Oak & Rope Seed Tidy

The Oak & Rope Seed Packet Tidy – a handsome and practical way of keeping seeds you sow over the summer.

Many seeds – especially vegetables – need to be sown successionally, or later in the year. I forget about them when they’re tucked away in a box or drawer.

So this Seed Packet Tidy (£65 from Oak & Rope) is great – I can see what needs to be sown next. The seed packets really do prop up easily, and you can fit loads in. And it’s a very attractive addition to your desk or potting shed.

Hand-carved solid wood furniture and gifts

The Oak & Rope Company make a range of hand-crafted gifts and furniture out of oak. Their pieces can be personalised with the message or name of your choice.

And the rest of the garden range includes swings, benches and signs, along with the seed packet tidy, planters and a beautiful teak sun lounger.

Teak Oak & Rope sun lounger

Teak sun lounger in the Adirondack style, with a detachable footstool and armrests for drinks. £595 plus up to 80 letters of your choice hand-carved. They also sell a wide range of hand-carved oak desk tidies and organisers.

Oak & Rope planters

Oak & Rope Planters: Large ones cost £695 plus up to 60 letters engraved, medium sized are £595 plus up to 60 letters engraved.

These beautiful oak planters have interiors painted with thick rubberised sealant and the bottom is slatted in balau wood for drainage.

If you’re looking for personalised gifts, you can have messages or names inscribed on their products. These are included in the price of some items, and cost extra for others – check The Oak & Rope Company website for details.

To win the Oak & Rope Company Seed Packet Tidy

Either leave a comment on this post, telling us which flowers or vegetables you like to grow from seed.

Or share this post on Twitter. And, if you’re reading this on Facebook, simply ‘like’ the post to enter.

Competition ends May 14th 2017 at midnight.

And good luck! It really is both delightful and useful. We run Wednesday giveaways during the summer – if you want to be sure of catching one, sign up to receive the Middlesized Garden by email (in the box, top right). Thank you!

Win a handmade Oak & Rope Seed Packet Tidy

This competition has now closed. The Oak & Rope Seed Packet Tidy was won by Sue Tulloch.

Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions: This prize draw is open to residents of the United Kingdom. Relatives of employees of The Oak & Rope Company and the Middlesized Garden or anyone connected with this prize draw are not permitted to enter. There is no entry fee and no purchase is necessary. The prize draw closes at midnight on May 14th . One winner will be selected at random. The winner will be chosen at random and notified by either Twitter or email within 21 days of the closing date. If the winner doesn’t respond to claim the prize within 21 days of being notified, another winner may be appointed. There is no cash alternative to the prize. Prizes are not transferable. Email addresses provided to enter this prize draw will be used in accordance with UK Data legislation. The names of the winners as provided in your tweet or comment will normally be published on the Middlesized Garden. The Middlesized Garden is not responsible for inaccurate prize details supplied by any third party involved with this prize draw and reserves the right to cancel this prize draw in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

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132 comments on "Win a handmade Oak & Rope Seed Packet Tidy worth £65!"

  1. samantha montgomery says:

    I am excited to grow runner beans on my next crop rotation! :) My favourite veggie

  2. George Wright says:

    I’m excited about growing coriander from seed for the first time! I’m also growing basil, chives, rocket & lettuce, all from seed :)

  3. Susan Fraser says:

    Usually colourful annuals but this year we are going to try growing some perennials from seed

  4. Laura Theobald says:

    Tomatoes, my favourites to grow every year. The most beautiful scent, that brings back many happy memories of being a child and helping my granddad in his greenhouse.

  5. Chirag Patel says:


  6. Emma Davison says:

    Amaryllis, cosmos, tomatoes, radish, lettuce

  7. Diana says:

    Tomatoes :)

  8. Nicola reynolds says:

    I like to grow tomatoes and strawberries, it’s my hope to grow masses of lavender :)

  9. kellyjo walters says:

    we grow many veg and herbs.. tomatoes, radish, beetroot, pumpkin, beans,

  10. Sheena Read says:

    I’m currently potting up tomato seedlings I’ve grown from seed and I have either oranges or apples sprouting. I don’t know which because I forgot to label them!

  11. Mickie Bull says:

    Tomatoes & Chilies!

  12. Kate Knight says:

    I would grow tomatoes

  13. Shirley Giles says:

    Love to grow Spinach in the veg patch, so easy! and Hollyhocks from seed in the borders

  14. Su Brett says:

    We have just pricked out our courgette seedlings – they are easy to grow and we get lots of courgettes and have also sowed some patty pan squash seeds for the first time.

  15. Lucy Robinson says:

    I love to grow sunflowers with the kiddies. My favourite are sweet peas.

  16. Jamie C Millard says:

    spring onions.

  17. Esther Oakley says:

    I always get most pleasure from growing tomatoes. Delicious,red,ripe vine tomatoes

  18. Sue Dorking says:

    I love growing tomatoes, courgettes and broad beans as they’re my favourites but I have to grow sunflowers as I don’t think it’s Summer without beautiful sunflowers towering over my garden!

  19. emma walters says:

    my boys have a little veggie patch of their own & love to grow new & exciting food to try! this year they are trying blue potatoes, stripy tomatoes and yellow/purple french beans :)

  20. donna large says:

    runner beans

  21. Mrs Bowers says:

    At the moment grow radishes, tomatoes and cucumber, geranium cuttings, marigolds, broad beans, potatoes and more

  22. Most vegetables – beans, tomatoes, radishes, carrots, parsnips, beetroot, cucumbers and lots of green salads.

  23. Emily Hutchinson says:

    You can’t beat sunflowers for a spectacular show and fast results!

  24. Keshia Esgate says:

    courgettes! they grow so quickly!

  25. Georgia McAllister says:

    The should have said courgettes, I don’t even smoke!

  26. Georgia McAllister says:

    Tomatoes, cigarettes and a few different types of lettuce.

    1. Ha ha! I love predictive texting, so many opportunities for misunderstanding.

  27. Rich Tyler says:

    I love to grow pak choi, beetroot & lettuce veggies, also sunflowers & sweetpeas :)

  28. We moved into a new home last year, so this is our first Spring in the new house and I’m an ambitious (but novice) grower! So currently, we’re growing radishes, spinach and lettuce which we are currently eating and enjoying right now! I’ve also planted some broccoli, kale, coriander, strawberries and other herbs. I plan to grow some sweetcorn as my kids LOVED this last year. And tomatoes, peppers and chillies which we all love. This will be my first year trying to grow cucumbers so I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for that one!

    1. That sounds like a great list.

  29. Clare B says:

    This is just our first year growing from seed but so far french beans and sweet beans have been the most successful but it is still early days yet.

  30. susan hoggett says:

    I love growing tomatoes from seed in my greenhouse

  31. ADEINNE TONNER says:

    I love growing roses and tulips in my garden

  32. Claire Nutman says:

    I will have a try with anything, although i have a lot to learn, but enjoy x

  33. Angela Hanes says:

    Anything that fills the garden with colour- our garden was overgrown, we cleared it and were left with a large empty space. Buying in enough plants wasn’t an option so lots of seeds – flowers, and veg was the answer and slowly it’s becoming more of the plantsmans retreat that I wanted.

  34. richard scholfield says:

    Love to grow corn as it looks big and impressive

  35. leanne weir says:

    I like to grow marigolds and tomatoes

  36. Hazel Lemar says:

    I love to grow Nicotiana. Particularly the lime green and red ones which look great together!

  37. Linda Peel says:

    Sweet peas – they are my favourite flowers!

  38. Caro says:

    Bit of Mark Diacono fan here – I like to grow the stuff that’s so much better fresh so edamame beans, physalis, Hinonmaki gooseberries. I’m also growing some lovely Telekia speciosa seeds given to me by Philippa Burroughs after a GMG visit to her garden last year. The link to the Oak & Rope company website has made me wish that I was a lot wealthier than I am! Lovely seed holder, so much nicer than my plastic tub.

    1. Edamame beans! Must look into that.

  39. Lisa Buckley says:

    I love growing tomatoes and peas!

  40. Lisa Wilkinson says:

    We like to grow tomatoes and strawberries

  41. Hassni says:

    I like growing garlic, tomatoes, and mushrooms.

  42. Karen says:

    I’m growing sweetpeas, cosmos and sunflowers for cut flowers and in the veg plot I’m growing salad and red flowered broad beans. All the best. Karen

  43. we like growing peas and carrots

  44. Laura Harris says:

    This year. We are growing asparagus peas – they look very pretty and you steam the whole pod and eat,served with butter. Hopefully they’ll Beas tasty as they look!

  45. I love growing beetroots and courgettes from seeds I love enjoying them oven roasted. As for flowers Cosmos, Cornflowers, Zinnia, Sweet Peas. Sorry its just too difficult to choose one flower :)

    Angela – Garden Tea Cakes and Me

  46. What a lovely prize, I like to sow sweet peas & tomatoes from seed. One to eat, one to sniff.

  47. Alison says:

    This year I’m mainly growing French beans, peas & sweetcorn. What a gorgeous seed tidy, much nicer than the old box I keep mine in now.

  48. Karen Smith says:

    I’ve grown Sweet Peas, Carrots and Spring Onions from seed this year xx

  49. Debbie Gilbert says:

    sweet peas, honesty, herbs, tomatoes and cucumbers – l would like to be more adventurous this year though

  50. Lee Davis says:

    I grow tomatoes and herbs

  51. Julie Booth says:

    I grow strawberries from seed

  52. Panda Sheridan says:

    I’m busy growing edible flowers like nasturtiums, calendula, cornflowers and heartsease and this year I’m having a go at a cutting garden with sweet peas, ammi majus and cosmos as a mainstay as they never let me down.

  53. Andrea A says:

    I like to grow lots of different flowers and vegetables from seed as it allows you to try different varieties that you can’t get from the supermarket. This year I’m growing purple kohl rabi for the first time.

  54. Sally Savory says:

    I love growing beetroot from seed. And then making the most delicious beetroot and goats cheese risotto…

  55. Claire Davies says:

    My favourite flowers to grow from seed are dwarf sunflowers! I have lots just poking through now in their pots in our greenhouse. My favourite is Big Smile :-) I also love growing poppies too :-)

  56. LOVE to grow all flowers from seed but vegatables from seedlings

  57. Lorraine Kirk says:

    I like to grow courgettes from seed, last year they were really successful. I always struggle with carrots though, not sure what I do wrong! My little boy is enjoying growing Sunflowers, Nasturtiums and Alyssum with his grandma this year.

  58. Richard Turner says:

    I’m growing some Tomatoes, Chillis & broad beans from seed

  59. Helen Tovell says:

    Sweet peas and morning glory, so easy but really rewarding with their blooms

  60. Heather Bowie says:

    I love growing my own spring onions

  61. Solange says:

    I like to grow tomatoes.

  62. Sidrah Ahmed says:

    I like to grow mints

  63. Kathryn Beer says:

    I would love to try and grow Cucumber from seeds, my other favourite is Sunflowers

  64. Sheila O'Sullivan says:

    Sweet peas and poppies, they remind me of my dad

  65. Helen W says:

    I’d love to grow some tomatoes.

  66. Megan says:

    I would like to start growing my own lettice to start with as I don’t have a very big garden. Also am trying to grown potatoes in pots too.

  67. Emma Gardner says:

    Although I’m Gardner by name I’m not a Gardener by nature.
    I’d grow some Geraniums as they’re the only thing I don’t kill in my very sunny flower bed!
    Fingers crossed ❤️

  68. Samantha Lea says:

    I love to grow tomato’s they are so versatile and easy to grow

  69. Jenny says:

    Tromboncino courgettes…..weirdly wonderful and tasty too!

  70. Christine Bateman says:

    I love growing butternut squash

  71. Rebecca wildman says:

    I would love to plant cosmos, runner beans and cornflowers from seed in my new raised bed which needs filling

  72. Ellie Laws says:

    We are growing interesting coloured veg this year. Purple carrots, and purple Brussels, striped tomatoes and yellow courgettes. We extremely excited about it!

  73. Rebecca Walker says:

    This year we are growing, Carrots, Courgettes, Garlic, Lettuce, Spring onions, Tomatoes, Parsnips, Red Onions, Potatoes, French beans and some herbs. The children love it. I’m also having a go at developing the flower beds with some Azaleas, Roses and Lupins. Busy gardening year so far! It’s wonderful.

  74. Susie M says:

    I’m a herb fanatic so I can’t move for seedling trays at the moment. When it comes to flowers and veg, I’m a bit of a kid who loves growing sunflowers and always grow a few tomato plants each year.

  75. Alexandra oliver says:

    love to grow chives!

  76. Clare H says:

    I like to grow sunflowers with my daughter

  77. Debbie Fortune says:

    I’ve only just got into gardening but this year have grown from seed runner beans, tomatoes, strawberries and sunflowers

  78. Tomato and potato in bucket we grow, I’m hoping I can get a small plot at my parents house for vegetables growing this year

  79. Janet King says:

    Petunias and marigolds

  80. Daisy Rae says:

    Love fresh ‘properly’ ripe tomatoes home grown!

  81. Angela Feenan says:

    I love to grow Sunflowers with the kids – we have a competition to see who’s grows the tallest & then we get lots of food for the birds and to supplement our rabbits food

  82. Fozia Akhtar says:

    Spring onions

  83. Robyn S says:

    I love to grow all sorts of veg, fruit and flowers but my favourite have to be home grown strawberries

  84. Zoe C says:

    Love growing peas and beans, get great results

  85. Kerry Taylor says:

    I like to grow tomatoes, but I’m branching out this year and am growing cucumbers, aubergines and Brussels sprouts. Wish me luck…

  86. Frances Heaton says:

    We like to grow tomatoes, beans and occasionally cabbage from seed. So cheap to buy and so much help for the family food budget.

  87. Suzanne says:

    I love to grow courgettes, beans and tomatoes for my allotment, as well as Cosmos for my garden.

  88. Sue T says:

    I am growing 4 types of cosmos – purity, dazzler, psyche white, click cranberries, blue nigella, salvia viridis blue and pink and calendula sunset buff from seed for my cutting patch. Also a selection of salad leaves sown regularly from now till autumn. What an absolutely beautiful object the Oak and Rope seedbox is. Thanks for the chance of winning one Alexandra.

  89. James Ramsay says:

    I like to grow spinach, kale, lettuce, basil, coriander, carrots, rocket….things I can eat. It is so pleasurable just picking and cooking straight from your own garden.

  90. Claudia says:

    sweet peas, peas, carrots and various salads. Oh and cosmos

  91. Brian Stabler says:

    Gotta be poppies for me.

  92. Kerry Kilmister says:

    We grow tomatoes, courgettes and a variety of peppers

  93. Kelly Glen says:

    I like to grow tomatoes and also sunflowers.

  94. GRACE COLLINS says:

    i love trying to grow lots, at moment i have peppers, tomatoes, cosmos and courgettes on the go!

  95. Mark Palmer says:

    Pumpkins and seeetcorn

  96. Charlotte Herbert says:

    My mum grows all the vegetables she can! Courgettes, potatoes, tomatoes, cabbage,, sweetcorn, beetroot amongst other things and I would love to grow my own too.

  97. simon tutthill says:

    some lovely tomatoes and radishes too

  98. Jen Schofield says:

    I like to grow tomatos and also flowers like daffodils.

  99. Jan says:

    want to grow jalapeno

    1. Excellent choice. So do I.

  100. Ann Gwillim says:

    Growing spring onions , radishes & tomatoes

  101. Tracy Nixon says:

    We grow a selection of vegetables from seed including different types of tomatoes (salad, cherry, plum, yellow), lettuce and cress. We also grow potatoes, carrots, cabbage, leeks and turnip!

    1. An excellent veg garden.

  102. Wendy Radge says:

    Gardeners Delight tomatoes

  103. Andrea Hayes says:

    I grow all of my own vegetables from seed as I have an allotment. I try and do so organically so grow marigolds for my tomatoes and nasturtiums to stop the black flies attacking my beans. I also grow flowers for picking, mainly sweetpeas and other annuals to brighten the beds.

    1. I do marigolds and nasturtiums for the same reason. It does seem to work, on the whole.

  104. stuart hargreaves says:


  105. Liane Amos says:

    I would just love this

    1. Thank you for commenting!

  106. Gina Raymond says:

    I like to grow radish from seed

  107. Fiona says:

    I like growing sunflowers and nasturtiums because they’re easy and quick to grow, great for children.

  108. The seed tidy looks very nice indeed! Well, this year I’m growing a selection of Cosmos, not very adventurous, but I don’t mind! I’ve also got some gaps in the garden which I’m going to fill with Achillea sibirica var. camtschatica, ‘Love Parade’ which are coming along nicely. Erigeron karvinskianus and Hordeum jubatum are faves, and I’m yet to sow my Zinnia ‘Envy’, which I’m going to sow direct next month.

  109. Shiona Whitecross says:

    cottage garden flowers – nigella, cornflower ……

  110. Lucie Neame says:

    How seed sowingly super!

  111. Rosemary Martin says:

    I grow main!y vegetables from seed and some annual flowers. Veggies are mainly salad for summer but I do grow my own garlic and onions. I love annual rudebeckia and grow three or more varieties for autumn colour.

    1. Three kinds of rudbeckias sounds like a great idea.

  112. Sathya says:

    Hello.. I love to grow Runner Beans and Cosmos from seed . They are surprisingly easy to get right, and the end result always amazes me. In fact I don’t buy runner beans through out the year as I would rather wait to have them from my garden. The waiting adds to the anticipation and enjoyment. Cosmos – any colour, especially ‘bipinnatus Purity’ (white) gives any bed or flower put an instant shot of joy. They make me feel like a gardening goddess!

    1. Me too – you can’t beat fresh runner beans from the garden.

  113. jill forrest says:

    We like to grow courgettes to marvel at the sheer volume of produce you can get from one seed. And you cannot beat cress grown out of empty egg shells……….

    1. Courgettes are really great value in the garden, I agree.

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