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We don’t take sponsored, collaborative or guest posts (or links)

The Middlesized Garden doesn’t accept one-off sponsored or collaborative posts.

And we do not accept guest posts, infographics, link exchanges, added links or payment to link to anchor text.

The Middlesized Garden complies with Advertising Standards Authority regulations and Google guidelines on disclosure. See my disclosure page for more detail.

We often receive emails from agencies suggesting paid-for links of various kinds. We regret that, due to lack of time, we are usually unable to reply to these. However, I hope this page explains our policy.

Product or book reviews

I’m always interested to hear about new initiatives in the gardening world.

Do get in touch if you have a book or product that you believe is suitable for middle-sized gardens.

I’ll only publish reviews about products, books etc that I really feel will help readers of the Middlesized Gardene blog or viewers of the Middlesized Garden YouTube channel. So I can’t guarantee a review, but I’ll try to assess this before you send the product or book. I don’t want to waste your time!

I always state if a product or book has been sent free for review. The Middlesized Garden doesn’t accept payment for reviews.

Writing garden features for magazines

I’m available to write features on gardening and lifestyle for magazines. I’ve written for Good Housekeeping, Harpers & Queen, The English Garden, Country Living, She, The FT How to Spend It, The Daily Telegraph, The Times Magazine and many more.

I currently contribute a weekly gardening feature for People’s Friend.

Affiliate links

The Middle-sized Garden takes affiliate links, currently only from Amazon. These are disclosed in accordance with current guidelines. So I will always say when something is an affiliate link.

And I would only accept affiliate links from companies whose products I believe to be right for the readers of this blog.

So, if you are interested in the Middlesized Garden being an affiliate, please contact me on alexandra@themiddlesizedgarden.co.uk.

Advertising on the Middle-sized Garden

The Middlesized Garden doesn’t currently accept advertising.

Guest posts for the Middle-sized Garden

The Middle-sized Garden does NOT take guest posts, infographics, link exchanges or payment for links to anchor text.

 More about The Middle-sized Garden

Fifteen years ago, I moved into a walled English town garden that measures 100ftx80ft (at its widest). I knew nothing about gardening, but I’d been a journalist all my life. I’d written for some of the most famous newspapers and magazines in Britain – Good Housekeeping, Harpers & Queen, The Times, the Daily Telegraph and many more.

It was my job to find experts and filter information. And to extract the elements that were important to my reader – to find out what really mattered to them and deliver information they could use easily.

So I took those skills and applied them to my middle-sized English garden. I talked to top gardeners, read the best gardening books and went on inspiring workshops.

Everything I learned had to pass the middle-sized garden test. How easy is it to do? How long does it take? Will it make the garden look good? Is it affordable? Can you fit this into a family garden or a busy life?

This journey turned into the Middlesized Garden blog, which has been in the UK Top 10 Garden blogs (Vuelio), from 2014-2020. We have been short-listed for a number of awards, such as The Garden Media Guild Blog of the Year 2021, The Roy Lancaster Award 202o,  Brilliance in Blogging 2018, Garden Journalist of the Year 2018 and 2017 and more.

The Middlesized Garden blog had 4.5 million page views January 2020-January 2022. (Source Google Analytics).

The Middlesized Garden YouTube channel now has  over 100K+ subscribers.

NOTE: ALL material on The Middlesized Garden – both text and pictures – is the copyright of The Middlesized Garden. Please contact me to discuss terms if you wish to buy any photographs.