Zero waste Christmas decorations from the garden

December 2nd, 2018 Posted In: Decorations/parties

Do you fancy joining me in zero waste Christmas decorating this year?

My definition of ‘zero waste Christmas decorations’ are things found in the garden, are responsibly gathered from the countryside or involve re-using decorations we already have.

How to make easy 'zero waste' Christmas decorations from garden clippings #eco #Christmas

I do like to buy one new Christmas decoration or set of lights each year because when I take it out the following Christmas, it has lots of memories. I’ve found the tiny battery operated star fairy lights shown in the picture above especially useful. They’re available from Lights4Fun from Amazon.

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But otherwise, here are ideas which don’t involve shopping, and which make use of your garden prunings. There’s even a festive use for that moss on the lawn.

And if you don’t have a garden, then why not ‘forage’ for your Christmas decorations?

Here are the videos about it on the Middlesized Garden YouTube channel, so I hope you find them helpful.

How to make a twig wreath from tree trimmings

As it’s considered best to prune silver birch trees before Christmas, here is an easy and stylish wreath to make with the trimmings. Oddly enough, it earned me more compliments last year than the more elaborately made wreaths we usually have. And it goes on the fire in the New Year – definitely a zero waste Christmas.

If you prefer reading a post to watching a video, here is a link to How to Make A Twig Wreath From Tree Trimmings on the blog. The lights are a small battery string, and I concealed the battery under the ribbon. You can buy star battery lights like these from Amazon. I bought mine three years ago and they really make a difference on a table or in a wreath. Shopping now over!

Make jam jar Christmas lanterns with garden clippings:

Julie Davies of Flowerstart, who runs floristry workshops and online floristry courses, gave me the instructions for the twig wreath. She also showed me how to do some charming Christmas table lanterns with seed-heads and twigs found in the garden. If you prefer to read rather than watch a video, the post is called Jam Jar Christmas.

How to forage for your Christmas decorations

Turn a weekend walk into a zero waste Christmas decorating expedition.

However…until 2008, everyone had the right to gather up fallen wood and twigs as part of our Magna Carta rights, but this was rescinded by a European directive. So you don’t technically have the right to pick up twigs and branches you find on the street or in the park. You could always ask permission of local landowners, the council or the National Trust. Everyone is now much more familiar with the idea of ‘foraging’.

Decorating with lawn moss

Our lawn is very mossy and will definitely need re-seeding. This is another great idea from Julie Davies, and I will certainly be peeling up the moss from our lawn to use in decorating this year.

Wildlife-friendly garden decorations

The wonderful Abbey Physic Garden in Faversham is organic and eco-friendly. I found some great wildlife-friendly outdoor Christmas decorating ideas there that didn’t involve lights or plastic. The poor birds get woken up by brightly flashing Christmas lights.

However, I do love Christmas lights, so perhaps the compromise is to use solar garden lights which don’t charge up for long in the winter, so they go off early in the night. I know that’s another opportunity for shopping, but you may already have them. I bought the iihome 50 LED Solar String Lights from Amazon.

And do spread the word about zero waste Christmas decorating by sharing this post if you also believe in it. Thank you!

The Middlesized Garden blog will come out every two weeks in December, and will return to weekly in the New Year.

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